Thermal History Screen

This screen shows the history for the last 5 thermals flown in. Tapping in the highlighted area, toggles between the 2 versions of the screen to show the Base, Top and Gain heights in the thermal, or the Start time, time spend in the thermal, and number of turns.

The Average field is the average of these 5 thermals, with the corresponding theoretical cross-country speed possible using McCready theory.

The MC Val field shows the currently set MC value with the corresponding theoretical cross-country speed possible using McCready theory.

The Task field shows the current average task speed achieved.

The current wind information is shown in the bottom right corner for reference.

Note: The number of turns required for a thermal to be included on the screen is set here.

Thermal Profile

When selected from the Map Settings screen, a small graph is shown on the left hand side of the Moving Map screen when you are thermalling.
It shows the previous lift encountered at altitudes above and below your current height. The horizontal bars show the strength of the lift, and the vertical dotted line your current MC value. A solid vertical line shows the current average thermal lift.

This diagram shows the thermal profile as you climb higher than you have before. There are no previous values above your current altitude.
This diagram shows the display as you climb in your next thermal. The previous lift values above your current altitude are stronger, so if this is a good thermal you can expect the lift to increase.
This diagram shows that the thermal you are currently climbing in is weaker than the thermals you previously used because the lift bars above your altitude are larger then below. Maybe you should move on to find a better thermal if you have some promising options in range.
This diagram shows that you are now climbing in lift that is stronger than your previous thermal at this altitude. This is a good thermal and you should stay with it.

As with all things in SoarPilot, this display is just a guide and good airmanship and safety should be your first priority when deciding to leave or stay in a thermal.

A good lookout should always be maintained, especially when thermalling with other gliders.

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